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The Elements Of A Good SEO Manager

Not everyone has the time or skills to master search engine optimisation, hence the reason for hiring an SEO manager. And when it comes down to it, there are certain things they have to know before they can even consider helping you.

Given that you probably still have a lot to learn about search engine optimisation, it might prove challenging to find one that actually knows every inch of the business. So, here are some suggestions on what to look for in a good SEO manager.

SEO manager

1. They Are Always Up To Date

A good SEO manager will always be aware of the changes taking place online. For example, search engines make use of algorithms to scan sites and call up the most relevant ones. And these algorithms are looking for specific things, like the bounce rate of the site, the loading speed, and much more.

Naturally, if search engines want to continue keeping users happy, their search results have to continue getting more accurate. In fact, their efforts are so accurate these days that sites beyond the first page only get 30% of traffic.

2. Good Understanding Of Your Target Market

It’s not very often that websites cater to a “global” audience. For the most part, websites are niche-driven and require a deeper understanding of the people ultimately being targeted.

It’s the job of the SEO manager to learn more about your target audience. And from there they should gear the strategy according to the results of the research they get.

3. Reporting

You can’t really know how well you are doing if you can’t measure your progress. In other words, reporting plays a big part in revealing how well your SEO campaign is doing.

If you are using the right person for the job, they will consistently send reports on what’s happening and whether the site is gaining any ground.

4. Realistic Expectations

As a last tip, professional SEO managers hang on to realistic expectations. This means they understand an effective strategy with sustainable success will require months of work. And if success comes overnight, it can disappear just as quickly.

Don’t expect your SEO manager to promise you a top page ranking in a week because if they do, you might want to think about using somebody else.

Obviously, these are not the only elements that make up a good manager for SEO. But they give you a good idea of what you should be looking for.